Tikkun Olam at WRT

Westchester Reform Temple is committed to pursuing tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedek  (social justice) for impact locally, statewide, nationally, and globally through direct service, tzedakah, advocacy, and community organizing.  As one of the pillars of WRT, we strive to weave social action and repairing the world throughout the fabric of WRT, incorporating it into our teachings, worship, and community.


Repairing Our World – WRT Social Impact Update

For those of you who I have not had the opportunity to personally meet, my name is Sharon Stiefel, and I am WRT’s Director of Social Impact and Community Engagement.  With help from each of you, and the support and guidance of the incredible clergy and staff, together we will weave a thread of tzedek and tikkun olam throughout the tapestry of Jewish life at Westchester Reform Temple.  Read about the ways in which WRT is making and can continue to make this world a better place.


Get Involved at WRT and Make a Difference:

WRT Mitzvah Corps

The WRT community has many different entry points into Mitzvot opportunities – ECC Mitzvah Corps, Family Mitzvah Corps and Monthly Mitzvah Corps.  WRT is committed to creating change in the world by actively helping our local, national, and global communities.   Through a combination of hands-on activities, learning experiences, and goods drives, WRT strives to better our world by doing mitzvot.

ECC Mitzvah Corps

WRT is committed to teaching even our youngest children that they can assist in making the world a better place.  With that in mind, the WRT Early Childhood Center (ECC) Mitzvah Corps organizes programming that ECC children, and their families, can learn from and contribute to, with the goal of teaching the next generation the Jewish values of tzedakah (charitable giving) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).  Learn more…

Family Mitzvah Corps

Family Mitzvah Corps is a community of families engaging in hands-on social action work together.  Through monthly community services opportunities, parents and children have the opportunity to come together to interact with the broader world.  Learn more…

Monthly Mitzvah Corps

We all find ourselves in need of support sometime and you don’t need to know the people you are helping in order to make a difference in their lives.  With this in mind, each month, Monthly Mitzvah collects new and gently used items of need for individuals and groups in Westchester County.  Over the years, our community’s contributions have supported individuals, families, and pets!  Please open your heart – and your closets – to see what you might be able to donate.  Learn more…



Even in this difficult time when our WRT Kitchen is closed, our Cooking4Hope team still provides meals for participants of HOPE Community Services in New Rochelle.  Reach out to volunteer your time to bake or to pack lunch and snack bags. Cooking4Hope is funded by WRT’s Hungry and Homeless Fund, so please continue to support these efforts by contributing to the Fund.  Contact Yoel Magid to learn more yoel.magid@gmail.com.


Racial Justice Working Group

The WRT Racial Justice Working Group empowers congregants to grapple with the role that race has played in shaping America.  Through personal and communal work, the working group strives to use this understanding to build a better local and national community.  To learn more click here or email sharon.stiefel@wrtemple.org.


Environmental Impact at WRT

WRT is proud to have incorporated sustainable building practices throughout the WRT campus, as a physical example of one of our congregation’s five pillars: Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  Everywhere our visitors step, look drink, and breathe, they discover thoughtful choices that make WRT a truly green community.  Learn more…


WRT Supports Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, WRT has been dedicated to supporting the humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine as well as supporting the Ukrainian refugees forced to flee their homes.  Learn more…


WRT Mitzvah Fair – Bring More Light Into this World

This year, WRT brought local organizations, the WRT community and the local community to learn more about volunteer opportunities for all.  Attendants were able to participate in hands on mitzvah projects and while learn about future opportunities while listening to live music and eating great food!  Click here to learn more about the event.  Email sharon.stiefel@wrtemple.org to volunteer to get involved in next year’s WRT Mitzvah Fair.