Bris/Baby Naming

Welcoming a baby into the covenant of the Jewish people through a brit milah (bris) is a joyful milestone and a wonderful way to share the excitement of your family’s newest addition with the WRT community. To schedule a bris at the temple, please contact Jeannie Calderon, Special Events & Catering Manager, at (914) 723-7727, ext. 8134, or

Additionally, we are eager to help you honor your daughter with a baby naming ceremony to be celebrated at WRT on our bimah during Shabbat services or at another location.

If you are new parents or are anticipating the birth of a child, please contact Amy Rossberg, Director of Congregant Relations and Pastoral Care, at (914) 723-7727 or, who can assist you with a Hebrew name or schedule your child’s ritual of naming.