Racial Justice Working Group

The WRT Racial Justice Working Group was formed in 2020 to explore and address racial inequities.  The group has examined internal personal attitudes and external social systems, in order to better understand the beliefs, behaviors, and laws that perpetuate racism.  The topics discussed and examined include voting rights, criminal justice, housing, food insecurity, and critical race theory.

Our goal going forward is to work collectively on a specific action that addresses racial injustice.  We will also continue to partner with the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism and with RAC-NY to pass legislative social justice reforms at the state and national levels.


Previous Materials and Materials of Interest



Ibram X Kendi, How to be an Anti-Racist

David Jaffe, Changing the World from the Inside Out



Eric Ward, “Skin in the Game”

Paul Kivel, “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish

Karen Brodkin Sacks, “How did Jews Become White Folk?

Kmele Foster, David French, Jason Stanley and Thomas Chatterton Williams. “We Disagree on a Lot of Things Except the Danger of Anti-Critical Race Theory Law.”

Lauren Jackson, “What is Critical Race Theory.”

Leah Cohen,  “Suppose Talking About the Holocaust was Forbidden.”

Raymond Zhong and Nadja Popovich, “How Air Pollution Across America Reflects Racist Policy From the 1930s.”



Wright, Kai (Host).  “The True Story of Critical Race Theory.” United States of Anxiety.


Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America