Tzedek Box

Westchester Reform Temple is a leading congregation in tzedakah (charity and righteousness), chesed (kindness), and mishpat (justice). As the Jewish new year 5783 begins, we will continue our sacred work of tikkun olam (repairing our world), by engaging in a beautiful and meaningful new Jewish ritual: Tzedek Box – Recording Our Righteous Deeds. 

Through a grant from WRT’s Jacobs-Freedman Fund for Innovation in Jewish Life, and the generosity of congregants that created and support the WRT Social Impact and Community Engagement Fund, every WRT household received a beautiful ritual object designed by celebrated Israeli artist Eli Kaplan Wildmann called “Tzedek Box.”  

A Tzedek Box offers a way for all of us to be impactful, be mindful, and be just. The name “Tzedek Box” comes from the Hebrew root צ.ד.ק. meaning “righteousness.” Similar to the tangible reminder to give charity with a tzedakah box, the Tzedek Box serves as a visible reminder to improve our society and seek righteousness, fairness, and justice in the world.  

Whenever you or your family participates in an act of tzedek, any deed that makes the world a better place, take a moment to pause and reflect upon your social impact by recording your deed, and placing your reflection in the Tzedek Box! We hope that your Tzedek Box will become an important part of your family’s life, and that you will share with us how you are using yours. 

As we embark on this new year, together we will “let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.” (Amos 5:24).

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