End of Life, Funeral, Mourning, and Unveiling

When congregants and their loved ones experience illness, approach the end of life, or have died, WRT is there to provide support, comfort, and assistance. Our clergy are on call to speak and meet with our congregants and their family members, visit loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes, and guide the process of preparing for a funeral. Our volunteer community will also provide outreach and support during a time of illness or bereavement.

For guidance surrounding Jewish mourning rituals—including the observance of Shiva (the first seven days of mourning), Sheloshim (the first thirty days of bereavement), Yahrzeit (the yearly anniversary of a loved one’s passing), and unveiling (when a gravestone is dedicated approximately a year after burial), please contact Amy Rossberg, Director of Congregant Relations and Pastoral Care, at (914) 723-7727 or amy.rossberg@wrtemple.org.