Being a teenager at Westchester Reform Temple means options and opportunities.
Whether you're interested in the next frontier in learning, social action, hanging out, or helping teach the next generation, we have something for you! 
Every year our teens tell us that MERCAZ ("Center") is a high point in their busy week - a pressure-free place and time where teens can come and be accepted as they are. Our wide variety of elective classes allows our teens to make choices about the content and style of their learning and at the same time presents them with strong Jewish role models. Mercaz offers a full year of Jewish experiences, special speakers and events- not to mention supper every Wednesday night!  
Westchester Jewish Teen Learning Initiative (WJTLI)
Westchester Reform Temple partners with WJTLI to offer a wide range of learning experiences for Jewish teens grades 8 to 12 in locations all around Westchester. Guided and mentored by madrichim (not to be confused with the madrichim described below/above) to find the most compelling experiences for their own Jewish journeys, teens can study with some of the most talented and experienced Jewish educators in the country.
Hundreds of Westchester Jewish teens have participated in the many options and WRT is happy to offer these experiences to our teens. 
Tikkun Olam 
Once a month, usually on Sundays, we will have an amazing social action opportunity exclusively for our teens. The programs range from helping out at the Food Bank of Westchester, visiting the elderly on the DOROT program, and so many more. Join us for some amazing and enriching opportunities!
Do you have a special memory of a student teacher who made you feel welcome? 
Do you remember a teenager whose presence in your class helped you connect to Judaism? 
Did someone help you learn to read Hebrew with confidence? 

Here is your opportunity to be that person for someone else! If you have a few hours that you can share, you could be part of our wonderful corps of Madrichim, student leaders. Your participation will make a difference to our students and you will have a valuable leadership development experience in the process! Our Madrichim work in classrooms with children of all ages, subjects of all kinds, and on weekends and weekdays. They have opportunities to assist our teachers, teach small Hebrew groups, and help with art projects, and use their own special talents and interests to bring excitement to the classroom. 
If you would like to join us or have any questions, please e-mail Ivy Schwartz at Ivy.Schwartz@wrtemple.org.