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Music of WRT: To Engage the Spirit and the Soul

Music is the spiritual backbone of our worship, and a hallmark of our cultural expression. Drawing on a rich and diverse musical history, we seek to balance tradition and innovation, and our melodies and musical arrangements reflect our evolving identity. There are a variety of ways to participate in the musical life at WRT: sing in a choir, pick up an instrument, or attend a class. Our music is meant to create community, lift up our artistic heritage, and beautify our congregations' life-cycle moments.

Congregational Choir
Our adult choir, under the direction of Cantor Abramson, enriches selected Shabbat services and other moments in the life-cycle of WRT. Join us as we explore an eclectic mix of musical styles including Yiddish, Ladino, & Israeli repertoire, together with songs that draw on Jazz, Spiritual, Klezmer, Folk, and other contemporary idioms. Past projects have included commissioned works, collaborating with local composers and performing with talented instrumentalists. Those interested should have a music reading facility or a capacity for learning music quickly. Rehearsals are held on selected Thursday nights from 7:30 to 9:00 in the Sanctuary.
Junior Choir
This exciting musical ensemble is open to any current 5th and 6th grader and is an opportunity to have fun and explore Jewish music. Those interested should have an enthusiastic interest and capacity for learning music.
High School Choir
Talented high school students join together with our musical clergy in this select choral group that participates at High Holidays and other significant events. Under the leadership of Cantor Abramson, past projects have included singing the rock cantata "The Creation" for the Dedication of our new Torah Scroll, and the offering of "Shalom Rav" at our inter-generational High Holiday service. The high school choir partners with talented instrumentalist to join together in harmony and fun.
Musical Partners: Our Cantors are proud to work with talented musical partners.
Pete Malinverni, Pianist & Conductor   www.petemalinverni.com
Pilpel: Israeli Jazz Ensemble     www.pilpelmusic.com  
Koby Hayun
Oren Neiman
Idan Santhaus
Nadav Snir Zelniker