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Some say nursery school, some say pre-school, but WE SAY Early Childhood Center or ECC.  
Why? Because our ECC offers morning school-year programming (birth through age five), extended-day options for our older students, as well as an end of the year Mini Session and Summer Play Place, but our space is more than just school and more than just ABC and 123.  
We are dedicated to guiding, supporting and enriching young children’s lives spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically as well as supporting their families.  
We say ECC because we are a team of experienced and loving educators, dynamic clergy, specialists and a dedicated social worker who work together to implement programs using developmentally appropriate best practices to prepare our students for the demands of personal and academic readiness.  
We say ECC because our small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios allow for individualized attention and the ability to be responsive to children’s interests and individuality.
We say ECC because a rich curriculum with hands-on activities, theme oriented units in Social Studies, Science, Math Readiness, cooking, class trips, yoga, physical fitness and the enhancement of social skills, always reflects continuity of content and skills, and growth at each age level. 
We say ECC because through programming for children, parents and caregivers, we encourage a love of learning and Jewish family life in a creative, supportive and warm environment. 
We say ECC, because most importantly, we have fun!
To find out more about the Early Childhood Center, contact us…and you too will be saying ECC at WRT!
Susan Tolchin, WRT/ECC Director - sue.tolchin@wrtemple.org 
Ellen Rosenberg, Administrative Assistant - ellen.rosenberg@wrtemple.org
General information - ecc@wrtemple.org