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Caring Community

WRT's Caring Community provides support and friendship during times of crisis, life transitions,
and lifts up the joyful moments of our congregation’s simchas.

Important Work Where You Can Make a Difference (click on any of the following for more information)

Caring Phone Calls
Note Writing
Sunday Smiles
Transportation Assistance
Delivery of Yahrzeit Candles
Lecture Series
Website Development
WRT Caring Community Liasion with UJA and URJ
Meals of Comfort
Trees on Tu Bishvat
Bereavement Support Groups
Traditions in Transitions: Living with Single Parenting

Contact us at caringcommunity@wrtemple.org for additional ways to be involved!

Caring Phone Calls   (top)

"After finding out that a fellow congregant had a broken bone as a result of an accident, I called to check in on behalf of the Caring Community. My phone call was well-received & appreciated.  It's good to know that our WRT community looks out for one another." 
  • Call recently bereaved families, check-in on elderly, ill or homebound members, and mazel tov calls for births.
  • Anticipate commitment, approximately 2 hours per month spent on calls.

Note Writing   (top)

  • Write condolence notes for members who have sustained a loss.
  • Write congratulations notes for births, marriages and other simchas.
  • Anticipated commitment of approximately 2 hours per month.

“Sunday Smiles"   (top)

  • One Sunday per month,  meet at WRT to visit with congregants either at their home, a hospital or nursing home.
  • Children 12 years and older are welcom accompanied by an adult.
  • Anticipated commitment of approximately 4 hours per month.

Transportation Assistance   (top)

  • Help with transportation to and from WRT services, etc., doctor appointments, other appointments as needed.

Delivery of Yahrtzeit Candles    (top)

  • Deliver yahrtzeit candles to bereaved households at the time of Shiva and prior to the first yahrtzeit

Lecture Series    (top)

  • Develop workshops or lectures sponsored by the Caring Community, collaborate with other WRT committees.

Website Development    (top)

  • Help to craft the wording and select the images to tell the story of the Caring Community for those that visit us on the WRT website.

WRT Caring Community Liaison with UJA and URJ    (top)

  • Reach out to the URJ Caring Community to help localize some of their Caring Community initiatives that are already in place.  Examples could include topics such as domestic violence, suicide, aging parents, etc.

Meals of Comfort    (top)

"The WRT Caring Community arranged for a Shabbat meal to be delivered to a family when the mom was recovering from surgery.  When she was told of the meal, about to be delivered, there were tears in this mother's eyes. Shabbat dinner is a weekly ritual for her family & the tradition continued after a long & difficult week."

  • Help deliver meals or groceries for members who are unable to shop for themselves during the recovery of a hospital stay, illness, or family crisis.