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Adult B'nei Mitzvah

“Being part of the adult b'nei mitzvah class was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. It was a meaningful way to explore what it means to be Jewish--historically, culturally, and personally. I also met many wonderful people in the class, and I feel so lucky to have shared this period of study, reflection, and self-discovery with them.”
- Barbara Josselsohn
“Becoming an adult b’nei mitzvah…solidified my connection to my own Judiasm, allowing me to define myself rather than having others do it for me. It was a deeply moving experience that meant more to me in my 40's than it would have at age 13. Not only did I feel a greater connection to my classmates, but relearning Hebrew and finishing what I started as a child was an important lesson to my children about consistency.”
- Jonathan A. Bradlow, M.D., FACC
Always thought about having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Interested in learning with your clergy team? Want to meet new and wonderful people?
This two-year program is designed to allow any registered participants to prepare to lead our community from the bimah, read Torah, and reflect on individual and communal Jewish learning at the culmination of our course of study. New dates to be announced.
YEAR 1 (sample schedule)
IDENTITY: Introduction to Judaism – Join us as we investigate and discuss an array of Jewish topics: Holidays, Life-Cycle, Belief, History, and Sacred Literature. This class would be taught by the full clergy team of WRT.
Orientation/“Teach Me On One Foot”
Calendar, Part I
Calendar, Part II
Life Cycle, Part I
Life Cycle, Part II
Israel, the Jewish People (a.k.a. Who is a Jew?)
Israel, the Land & Nation
Jewish History, Part I
Jewish History, Part II
God, Belief
Jewish Sacred Literature
Art, Music, Culture, Food - A Celebratory Evening
HEBREW: Hebrew Building Blocks - Undertake weekly Hebrew classes taught at different levels to meet the needs of each learner. Daytime and evening options will be offered.  Focus will be on mastery of Hebrew basics, oriented toward the basic prayers of the Shabbat service. 
YEAR 2 (sample schedule)
Year 2 participants will be a part of the Rabbis' Roundtable meeting several times throughout the year to continue the exploration of subjects such as Jewish identity, leadership, Israel, ethics, and contemporary Reform Jewish challenges.  Weekly HEBREW classes will continue, ultimately preparing our group to lead our culminating celebratory Adult B'nei Mitzvah Shabbat Service.
There is a fee for this two-year program, which includes all materials, Hebrew instruction and a donation to plant trees in Israel honoring the clergy and teachers that lead the program. There is no fee for the IDENTITY (Adult Education) portion of this program. Please note it is traditional for the celebrants to invite families to a Shabbat dinner on the evening of the B'nei Mitzvah Shabbat Service. Like most Shabbat dinners, there is a cost per person.  
To find out more information about the Adult B’nei Mitzvah Program, please contact Amy Rossberg at amy.rossberg@wrtemple.org.

We look forward to learning with you! 
The WRT Clergy Team